So two days ago I wrote about how all my books were heavy-going and my lost passion for reading. I then proceeded to my amazon.co.uk basket… I typed in some of my favourite authors [the most influential from my teens] and I bought 9 books.

“No possession can surpass, or even equal, a good library to the lover of books.” — J. A. Langford

Six novels:

–          Dusk [Kenneth Oppel]

  • Prequel to my favourite trilogy

–          Fire-Bringer [David Clement-Davies]

  • He wrote a duet/sequel that became my bible

–          Wolf Girl [Theresa Tomlinson]

  • Another duet taught me values about family, strength, love, resilience etc.

–          Promise of the Wolves [Dorothy Hearst]

  • It was has “wolves” in the title =P

–          The Last Samurai [Helen Dewitt]

  • Sounded interesting

–          Fight Club [Chuck Palahniuk]

  • Love the movie for its values

And three non-fiction:

–          Life After College [Jenny Blake]

–          Nonviolent Communication: a Language of Life [Marshall B. Rosenberg]

–          The One Minute Millionaire: The Enlightened Way to Wealth [Mark Victor Hansen]

As they’ve yet to arrive and my exams are looming; I also got some revision books out of the library, and found some story-type among them:

* Neurostransmitters & Drugs

* The Biology of Anxiety

* Neuroscience

* The Hands-on Guide to Clinical Pharmacology

* For People who Panic

* The Diving-Bell & the Butterfly

* Committed to the Sane Asylum

* Prozac Nation

So, the three books I’m currently reading are: Prozac Nation, Buddhism: plain and simple & Bushido: the Way of the Samurai.

I’m aiming to finish one of those by Saturday night at the latest. We’ll have to see.

In light,