It’s May 15th! Dissertation is in! Essay is in! Exams are a week and a bit away! I’m going to a funeral =( but get to see my beloved after =). The Pagan pub moot is Wednesday! I’m reading a novel!  Right.. onto the 3/2/1 challenge!

Meditation; spirit/strength of mind
Meditation is back; my once-a-week minimum is back. I’ve done a tiny bit of energy work too. I went to a Reiki share and got Reiki from a stranger; gave it to my friend. Yoga did get put on hold but that’s back too =)

Plan for the final two weeks: more Reiki, regular Yoga, more dance & shivanata lessons and at least the once-a-week-meditation.

Diet: energy/vitality
In week 1 I woke at 6:45am most mornings. I’ve brought it back to 7:30am now; my ideal time. On the 6th I officially began the plan of using up my cupboard food from my frugal-15 plan. Have been having some nice meals and drinks with the housemates; though this means I drank more than I would have. We all went for a drink last night, Emma and I made dinner together while doing a crossword. Aiyana and I had lunch next to the patio doors. Good connections, good food and brilliant company. Breakfast is healthy, I’m reaching my 5-a-day; but I’ve forgotten my iron a few times this week. I’ve not had chocolate for.. a week? Maybe longer. Should have kept track of it really.

Plan for the month: Iron tablet daily. Buy some oatcakes and raisins instead.

Exercise; physical strength
I’m exercising daily; even if that’s just 20 reps of free weight training or ten push-ups. Been to two yoga & bellydance classes too. That will halt as I’m volunteering on Thursdays for a couple of weeks; but I also taught TWO sessions of shivanata this week. I’m keeping that up at least. Aiyana and I also did some bellydance practise last night.

Plan for the month: Increased Shivanata practise, Yoga & Bellydance sessions, Stretches & Physiotherapy exercises; which I’ve stopped again.

Finance: frugal-fifteen
As my frugal-15 plan mentioned; I’ve got a place on a MSc course for a year. And it’ll cost me around 10,500 all-in-all. Thus; as of this term when my frugal-15 plan is in action, I’ll be updating you on my monetary journey as well. I’ll do a full overview after 5-weeks; but currently I’ve gone over my food allowance by £17; but have been living on cupboard staples for a week now without a problem; hoping to get a second week out of what’s left.

Strengthening aspect for Month V
At the beginning of May, I chose “emblazon” to guide me; which has sparked my recent series on re-definition.

What will guide you this month?

In light,