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A half way through the second half the month.. and it’s been a hell of a couple of weeks.

The Busy-ness [business?]

It’s nearing the end of May, nearing the end of my undergraduate degree. I’ve got a temporary summer job [on top of my casual one], given a speech at a conference attended by over 2,900 social care professionals, and finished all my coursework.

I’m half-way through Prozac Nation, I’ve revised 4/40 lectures fully and I’ve got onto three training courses to use up my spare time in June. I’m also rock-climbing and volunteering at the Right Here Showcase, attending youth panel meetings, steering groups, teaching shivanata and running my two societies.

In fact, between the 6th June and 1st August, I have… nine days where I’m not doing something that involves leaving the house… Which could be interesting when I need to re-write my 91,000 word Novel by June 30th.

The Emotional Mix

It’s odd to be around these people who’ve been my colleagues this past 3 years, and not be planning a future with them. A small part of me chose to do a Masters out of fear of the next step [though a larger part for the practicality, the love of Brighton, the will to stay with my housemates, my love of learning and the massive opportunities for jobs and experience here..] and it means I don’t have to plan my life as my co-workers do.

The emotional aspect of it is interesting, to say the least; the half-feeling of finishing, the relaxation of dissertation given in and the panic of looming exams. I can barely imagine how I’ll feel once my final exam is over – the expanse of three whole months without having to think about psychology or neuroscience.

The Plans

I’ve signed up to those activities to keep my self busy, improve my CV, keep myself sane, feel that I’m making a difference, and earn some money. I think that’s a healthy set of goals for the Summer Holiday of a graduating student.

– I’m rock-climbing twice to meet new people

– I’ve got 25 days of paid work – 5 half-days, 20 full-time summer job

– I’m helping at a course for 6 sessions [over 7 weeks]

– With Right Here, I’m doing a workshop at the showcase + attending meetings with steering panel, national panel, a campaigns strategy meeting and brighton’s youth panel.

– I’m taking courses in Safeguarding Adults, Child Protection, and Suicide Prevention [2day] to improve my capability, confidence & CV

– I’m still running the meditation society

– I’m seeing family on a couple of Saturdays

– My graduation ceremony

– Volunteering at Buddhafield 2011 for 8 days

– Druid festivals [x2]

– Teaching Shivanata

    (speaking of which, my guest post is up at shivanata.com; please take a peek)

And I can tell you that out of 56 days, that takes up 46 days.. And I need to have a finished draft of my novel by June 30th. In fact adding that up makes 53 days worth of activity; but some of those are on the same day.

The Catch

As excited as I am about those plans, there’s two things in the way of them.

My final exams next week. So I shall bid you adieu and get back to revision.

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