It’s June! Huzzah!    Ish.  Okay it’s May. Shush you. It’s almost June! Huzzah!

We’re at the half-way point in the year, and we’ve kind of added a iv’th aspect to the mix: frugality update!

In five days I officially finish my undergraduate degree and enter the realm of “i-have-overstretched-myself” in all the activities I’ve said I can accomplish. We’ll have to see how it goes. So, the plans for this month!


Meditation; spirit/strength of mind
I’ll be missing a lot of Meditation sessions this term, so I’m really focusing on how I can keep this up in my life. I intend to get back into energy work a little and re-start my yoga practise.

Diet: energy/vitality
I’ve been waking at 8:30 again but for the exams, I’m back to my 7:30 ideal. I’ve begun taking Echinacea for the exam period and despite having chocolate in my cereal, I’m hitting my 5-a-day and eating a lot of fruit. The main problem with my diet is forgetting to take my iron tablet.

Exercise; physical strength
I’ve been teaching Shivanata, which I’ve discovered is exhausting. Now that exams are here, I’m exercising more in my room via dance and press-ups, but need to get out of the house more. I walked home from University last week, but it’s a rarity. I’m hoping to keep up my Shivanata practise, increase my Yoga & Dance; despite missing my weekly classes, and perhaps tackle my Stretches & Physiotherapy exercises again. I’m going rock-climbing two days this month though, which should add to mix.

Finance: frugal-fifteen
As my frugal-15 plan mentioned; I’ve got a place on a MSc course for a year. And it’ll cost me around £10,500 all-in-all. Thus; as of this term when my frugal-15 plan is in action, I’ll be updating you on my monetary journey as well. This is my third-way-through update, at 5 out of 15 weeks.  I decided to avoid shopping between 7th May and 21st – a two-week gap; where I spent £23 of the 40 allowance. So here’s the breakdown:

Five-week allowance:  £561

  • Food £100  (20 a week)
  • Social £65 (13 a week)
  • Rent £321 (81 a week/paid monthly)
  • Bills £50 (10 a week)
  • Extra/Emergency/Fun £25 (5 a week)

Final Totals for Week Five:
– earned: £172.06!!!! [teaching, work, studies, sold items]

  • Amazing since I only earned £91.07 in the whole 10-weeks of last term.. in half the time, I’ve earned nearly 200% of that. Huzzah!

– spent: £602.98/561 [5 weeks food, outings & months rent]

  • Food = £102.33/£100
  • Rent = £321 [paid monthly]
  • Bills = £49.43/£50 [gas + elec]
  • Social = £45.30/£65 [£2 moot, £10 druid meet, £15 bellydance, whiskey, travel to funeral]
    • Sub-total: £518.06 /561
  • Extras = £85/£25   –    £39.59 books, £25 ticket to graduation, £20 firestarter sessions

Not doing too badly.. I’m under budget; despite having to pay for train to a funeral and buy my other half a £25 ticket to my graduation. I’m not fully counting the £20 on whiskey after giving in my dissertation thesis; £20 investment into my business and £40 on books to celebrate as they’re one offs (though they obviously come out of my final total) and not a reflection of my general spending habits.

I allow social + extras to come out of my income: leaving a total income profit of £88.55 and my overall spenditure is thus: a loss of £ 602.98 – 172.06 = loss of £430.92, which comes well under my budget of £561.  The next 5-weeks run from 30th May to 3rd July.

Strengthening aspect for Month VI
During May, I followed the words “emblazon” and “re-definition”. For June, I’m going to need my metamorphosing butterfly talents of an actress; so that’s my theme for June: malleability. The ability to re-shape things and become who I need to for that activity/time.

What will guide you this month?

In light,