My exams are in full-swing. One down, one to go.

I found these articles on life’s meaning a couple of weeks ago, and keep meaning to write a post about them.  I’ve been experiencing a lot of uncontrollable low moods in the past few weeks, so I feel a bit odd linking to two posts about this subject; but they’re beautiful in their own right and so, I’d just like to point you to them.

1. Don’t Fear. “Death is not Scary

A post linking the fear and shock to a peaceful state of calm.. leading onto the next piece I found.

2. Love Conquers All; Love is what Remains. “The Last Post

It’s the last post of a blogger who died of cancer, and it’s essentially a love-letter to those he left behind. It made me cry and reminded me of all the good in my life. A post that really put things into perspective. We rarely see the world through someone else’s eyes; so I’m grateful to Derek for disclosing this.

In Light,