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Firstly; today is the final exam of my entire degree.  I’m almost free.
As I tried to do last year; I’m joining Elizabeth in her 30-days of shivanata challenge. Over my exams I’d dropped  to zero-practise, with the exception of teaching. So on June 1st, I begin 30 days of consistent practise.

She’ll be updating on Mondays, and I on Wednesdays; and this week/end I’m focusing on level 3 – the one I skipped completely.

I learnt to do level 1 fast last April/May time.. and got bored of it fast. I couldn’t handle level 2 and took a three-month break. When I returned at the end of Summer, I began forcing myself to do the level 1 legs and level 2 arms. I practised and practised with the only intention of “getting it”.

Another 3 months passed without practise; until early 2011.  I found level 2 easy; level 1 had spirals and a full set of combinations I hadn’t fully explored.. And as the idea of teaching came more and more to my heart; I thought I’d better get the hang of trying the higher levels; without expectation to “get” them.

Turns out that levels 4 and 5; based on levels 1 and 2, make sense to me. I can’t fully practise them; but the formulas make sense and with the numbers in mind; I can slowly work my way through them.

The Elusive Level 3

Level 3 and 6 are different’ the cyclic nature of the dance is broken up; and instead of full rotations on each plane; you skip around and meld half-circles together. Essentially instead of going 1 2 3 4 3 2 1 with both hands together (in some form or other); you go 1 2 2 3 1 2 4 1 3 4 with your left hand only..

And because I like symmetrically and balance and even cycles.. I didn’t like it =P


However; it has a relatively simple formula [compared to level 6 or 7; which I’ve looked at briefly]; so level 3 is my challenge for the month.

Will you join us? Is there anything you’d like to take up for 28 or 30 days?

In light,