It’s Wednesday.. that means I should be giving you a ShivaNata update; on my 30 days of shivanata challenge where, as a dance of shiva teacher, I should be always practising and learning and keeping ahead of my clients and should want to practise every day! Except that I’m human, and I’ve had two tiring days following an entire weekend off.

However, Elizabeth has been doing well and you can check in over at her blog to share your own experiences with us.

As things stand; Today is day 2 of my 30 days.. instead of being day 8. But never mind, let’s go with it.  I’ve just been doing levels 1 and 2 because I’ve been exhausted when I get home and that’s all I can do right now.

The Context

However, today I also finished a two-day training course: Days where I woke at 7am and got home at 5:30pm.

Days where I had to speak in groups, speak in front of people, and speak about suicide; of all subjects.

ASIST: Grassroots Training and LivingWorks course for Applied Suicide Intervention Skills Training.

I’d thoroughly recommend the course – I’ve talked a good 6-10 people out of suicide and I still learned so much. I feel a lot more able to discuss it and to help someone in need. I got a grant due to my volunteering situation; but I’ve actually needed it in the past for friends in need; so everyone and anyone could benefit.

However, it’s been an incredibly tiring day. I’m used to heading into University at 1pm to have a one-hour lecture; doing the full 9am-5pm day, and two days running has left me exhausted.

Yet, I met some lovely people and got to hear about others experiences. This situation, however, opened me to that situational question:

“Can we each say a bit about what we do?”

Oh goodness. This was the point I stumbled over. I’m not even volunteering at the organisation who sent me on the course; at this point.


So this ended up being a training course where I found myself mentioning that I teach shivanata, and giving out business cards.

I hit the stumbling block: unable to define what it is I do.

I wished I’d remembered to say I’m an International Woman of Mystery and explain that Shivanata is an IWOM skill/spell.

But who can really describe it?

The Description

I think I actually went from “yoga-teacher” to “dance of shiva yoga” to “it’s a kind of dance based on yoga” and then ”it’s a yoga brain training dance” and thus no doubt left my audience more confused by the second.

Can any other shivanauts comment here on how they’d describe it to a new person?

Here are the resources I’d like to refer to here; in case he still has my blog address and looks at this.

A video demonstration: a glimpse of Level 2 done by the number two world expert

Link:  http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1Ctuyg7rLX0

For that member of my group interested in it, these are the best resources I know of for finding out more about it (short of coming to a class or getting the DVD):

–          the Dance of Shiva Kit explaining what it does and what its for.   [click the ABOUT tab under the banner for more information]

–          Andrey Lappa – the inventor/discoverer/ number one world experts take on it.

–          My own view on the practise

How would you describe it if you’d said yoga and then someone had probed for more information?

Danielle: “I call it a mind-body movement practice that gives your body and your brain a work out. Then I follow it up by saying it’s like to doing a puzzle with your body. Then I explain how I’ve never before stuck to any movement/exercise practice like this one precisely because my brain is involved too and it feels like a game.”

Kalyani: ‎”It’s a mind body practice that makes you smarter and happier in less than 5 minutes a day! It was discovered by a Ukrainian yogi in a cave in Tibet… I don’t ever say the Y word, because I don’t know anything about yoga. And I think Dance probably puts people off, since people have such bad experience with grade-school jazz or whatever.”

Honey McMoney’s site: “Shiva Nata is a movement meditation about patterns. Synchronizing spiral movements of the limbs with the breath creates a constant and intensive energy consumption from the surrounding space, translation of it through psychic-energy structure channels, and accumulation and radiation into the surrounding space.”

In light,