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This week/end is all about returning library books, getting some coursework results, planning my paid work shifts and planning for a big annual showcase at one of my voluntary positions.

But I have to show you this link: it’s the BBC Springwatch webcamera page.

This is a PrintScreen of the BBC Springwatch Live Webcams at 14:35 Sunday afternoon – this is not my photograph technically; big thanks to the camera team who found and rigged this nest [can’t remember if this ones springwatches or another organisations nest..]

I’ve been watching the poor buzzard parent getting drenched in the rain, seeing the baby wood warblers being fed close-up, been looked in the eye by barn owl baby {BOB] and have been gaining insight into an oystercatcher’s life.  The cameras rotate between about 8-10 nests across the day so please take a look if you’re interested in ANY birds found in Wales/England.

As I type, I can even see some form of cattle moving behind the Oystercatchers [too far away to see in rain]. So here’s the link, please take a look – these are LIVE pictures. I have seen a live wood warbler feeding it’s chicks from about 2 foot away! And the baby buzzard just stuck its head out and the noise it’s making is just.. adorable.

Obviously I’m highlighting the raptors because they’re my favourite, but there’s a bird for everyone here. Take a look; what can you see?


If you are a nature lover, there’s also a bug survey going on that just takes 15 minutes to complete.. please help conserve out wildlife before we lose it forever: http://www.opalexplorenature.org/bugscount


In other news, I’ve just finished reading Prozac Nation, I’ve edited 29,272/95,000 words of my novel, and i’m on a slightly modified day 4 of 28 days of Level-3-Shivanata challenge.

Have a fabulous weekend,