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It’s now fully June. Half-way through, in fact! The sun is out a lot, it’s still light at 9pm which is driving me crazy [I’m having dinner at 10pm, for example] and I’m now fully in the swing of my crazy Slinky-Summer-Version-2.

I have finished my degree. I’ve been on three training days, worked three days of casual work, begun editing my novel, and seen my family. Let’s see how the goals are shaping up for this month.


Meditation; spirit/strength of mind
I’ve missed meditation, and I’ve not been keeping it up very much; yet I’ve been integrating more shavasana into my shivanata practise. I feel that the training courses are helping me to learn how to strengthen my mind a little.

Diet: energy/vitality
I began the month waking at 7am for exams, and kept that up for my ASIST course. This is keeping me from over-sleeping so I’m getting a lot out of my day, though with the light, I feel I can’t go to bed as early, which throws me off balance. I took Echinacea for the exam period and continue to reach my 5-a-day. Still forgetting to taking my iron tablet.

Exercise; physical strength
I began the 30-days of Shivanata challenge, which I’ve slowly altered– so this is actually day 8 of 28, where I’m doing daily Shivanata, and attempting to build a routine of stretches and meditation into it. I’m not 100% well at the moment [can feel the lymph nodes in my throat for eg] but I did go out to the park last night with my camera and spent 45 minutes getting pictures of insects.

Finance: frugal-fifteen
I’m in week 8 of 15 now, and I’m sort of on track. I did splurge at the end of my exams and spent a lot. However, I’ve earned double what I spent, so I’m still in the black. The next breakdown will come on the 3rd July when I work out how much money I have for Buddhafield Festival.

Strengthening aspect for Month VI
During June, I’m following the theme of acting and malleability. I’ve been drawing the butterfly on my hand a lot to remind myself that I can be the actress amidst challenging situations. The ability to re-shape things and become who I need to for that activity/time.

How are your goals shaping up this month?

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