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It’s June 23rd and I’m having a day of rest.  I am exhausted and sitting in a chair causes me pain in my back, neck and knees. I’m going to try consistent stretches, physio exercises and reiki for the next few weeks.


I officially begin my third paid job position next Monday. I continue my third volunteering position in July. I have 7 days to complete my novel revision; which won’t happen now.. I’ve edited 37,058 of 92,238 words.. that leaves me 55,180 still to go; in seven days.. editing involves proof-reading for spelling/meaning mistakes, incomplete sections, getting all scenes to a minimum word-count of 1,500, altering the point of views to just cover 4 people at a time and splitting the storyline in a way that allows me two separate books. In seven days.

No way will all that occur. But I’ll be doing my best 😛


This week was that of the Summer Solstice; also known as Litha, Alban Hefin, light of the Shore etc.

As traditional for this time of year, the love of relationships are generally blooming and the Fae are working their inspirational magic. I’ve had a lot of ideas for blog posts, but can’t quite articulate them yet.


I have some musings about shoe-laces, the goddess in the land, routine, my own path to druidry, depression and emotional support which I hope to eventually write =)

I’ve also noticed a lot of self-patterns in this space; about my strong values and the labels I’m still using which perhaps aren’t accurate any more.

I’m hoping to explore these ideas a little further and perhaps share some of those thoughts here.


For now though, I’m conserving my resilience for the Slinky Summer ahead.. Physical cleaning work from 9-3 for 12 consecutive days, a day of ambassador work, 7 consecutive days working 6:30-13:30 at Buddhafield, graduation, teaching, and then back to 9-3 cleaning work.


I’ve finished a couple of books, officially accepted my Msc offer, earned enough money to pay for the OBOD’s bardic course, taken time for ritual around this festival [druidic and wiccan], and today is for my novel. Friday I’m on a training day and the weekend is a time for preparation.


What are you doing this week?


In Light,