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I passed my Degree!! Huzzah!!

I got a 2:1 overall, but was just 2% off a “first” on my dissertation… as a B student who hated the topic my tutor chose for me, I have no idea how I did that šŸ˜€ Highest mark other than that was in clinical psychology ^_^

Oh, and that means I met the requirement to do Msc in Cognitive Neuroscience . Win!

Began my summer job this week as a university accomodation cleaner – today is the big move-out move-in weekend so after a week of 9am-3pms, today [saturday] is a 9am-7pm… working tomorrow 9am-undertermined finish and then mon-fri, back to 9-3.

In other news, got my OBOD Bardic grade pack; which I’ll likely write about at some point here soon šŸ™‚

Have a wonderful week/end.
In Light,