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It’s July… Half of the year gone.

My aims of working on strength of mind, of energy and of body are still vaguely in the picture [which is better than this time in a normal year].


So, here’s the recap of whys, how I’m doings and “incorporations” into Slinky-Summer-Vol.2.


This month I’m… surviving this 11 days of 9-3/7 cleaning [having never done a 9-3 day of any job], volunteering in a café at a festival, graduating [oh hell!], working a casual day, teaching shivanata, finishing a 6-week course, beginning the OBOD Bardic grade and attending two Lammas festivals.


iv. Finance: frugal-fifteen
As my frugal-15 plan mentioned; I’ve got a place on a MSc course for a year [and passed my BSc so this is now certain].

Thus; here is weeks 5-10 update of my 15-week plan. I had to celebrate passing my degree and as I adjust to having three jobs simultaneously, I’ve had to up the spending on fresh fruit and cereal bars etc.  I’ve averaged my weekly rate at my third job so that figure is also not necessarily accurate, and I’ve also been lax about writing up the final amounts I’ve spent over the past 2 weeks, which makes this slightly inaccurate.

However, I’m in week 10 of 15 now, and from a “how much I had in week 5, how much I have now, minus income” I have spent £598.

Five-week allowance:  £561

  • Food £100  (20 a week)
  • Social £65 (13 a week)
  • Rent £321 (81 a week/paid monthly)
  • Bills £50 (10 a week)
  • Extra/Emergency/Fun £25 (5 a week)

Final Totals for Week Ten:
– earned: £220.82 + around £400 [45+ hours at rough wage £8 plus maybe time and a half or three quarters… so roughly £600.]

– spent: £598.82/561 [5 weeks food, outings & months rent]   + £195 for Bardic OBOD course

  • Food = £143.65/£100
  • Rent = £321 [paid monthly]
  • Bills = £0/£50 [gas + elec]
  • Social = £80/£65 [£2 moot, £10 druid meet, £40 for 2 nights out]
  • Extras = £42 graduation gown, got underpaid ../£25   –

I’m over budget, however, I’ve already covered my back with £400 offsetting the 598 and £200 offsetting the £195 OBOD course.

I’m seeing finance tomorrow about the underpayment, getting £25 back for my Other half’s graduation ticket as he won’t be attending now, and the rough payrate for this week is an underestimation; so I’m doing okay overall.

The next 5-weeks run from 4th July to 8th August; though I go home on the 6th. Aiming to earn around £500 this month from 10 days of paid work.

iii. Exercise; physical strength
I’m standing for 6 hours a day; bending and leaning and stretching, and using my hands and arms to the point of pain. Next week, I’ll be standing/running around from 6:30am-1pm each day at the café. I think that counts.

My physiotherapy is still on track, but stretches and shivanata have halted for a retreat as my arms and legs just hurt too much.

ii. Diet: energy/vitality
I’m waking at 7am still, eating a mixture of meat, marmite, fruit, cheese and bread for lunch – covering all bases. However, I’m eating more chocolate that normal when I get home; and did skip dinner a couple of nights.

i. Meditation; spirit/strength of mind
Been having some blocks with meditation lately, but am working on it.

Strengthening aspect for Month VII
June was all about malleability and learning.
During July, I’m focusing on the strength of my capacity. I’ve taken today off to rest my painful feet, ankles, knees, hips, back, neck, arms and hands.

I’m taking off next weekend to see my other half, then have 7 days of work, then 3 days off with graduation in the middle, then 5 days of work. And then I’m going home for a real rest.

How are your goals shaping up this month?

In light,