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Tomorrow, I’m heading to Buddhafield Festival in Somerset. This is a drink-free and drug-free festival full of meditation spaces, tai chi, green arts, music workshops, Buddhist talks, music line-ups, yoga sessions and even circus skills. The theme for this year is “Finding Abundance“.

I’ll be volunteering at the Buddhafield Café each morning from 6:30am to 1pm; which entitles me to a free ticket to all the events.

As part of my Slinky-Summer and my blazing crusade; this year is my “I’m heading into adulthood” time to do new things and build up the skills I’ll need to get a job, negotiate volunteering, explore the world [another county], build up my social skills and teach myself that I define my own potential. This is balanced with a “what-have-i-always-wanted” teenage freedom I’m suddenly finding. I can decide that I want to go to a festival and that I’ staying in Brighton for the Summer; that I’m staying for another year.

Feelings Arise

Excitement.. Panic. Panic. Panic. Experience. Panic.

The Café – I’m a fussy eater.

– I’ll be waking 5:45am to work 6:30am-1pm

– Not confident at meeting new people [though better these days]

Space – I’m an only child; needing space.

– Not been more than 48 hours without music since I was 14 [I sleep with it on; wake to it]. Mp3 Player lasts 6 hours; I’m away 6 days.

Sleep – Insomniac, painful shoulders/back/neck. Going to be sleeping on the ground for 5, possibly 6 nights.

Systems to Call Upon

– 2 friends working at the café with me

– KJ is like me in his social skills/space-needing and he said I’ll make it though it will be a challenge at times

– I’ve learnt this year about re-definition and he power of acting.

– I have enchantress tools; some of which they even facilitate

  • E.g. Meditation

– I love places where I can switch between a variety of activities; like I did in Centreparcs [which needed me to go alone and use social skills]

– I can write. And Dance the Shivanata.

– I have Kelina andWillow

– I’ll take books, a magazine and my Druid Gwersi

I can find that child love and respect for solitude. Find that space for birdsong in silence.

I can hike in the woods and meadows and find the divination of the clouds once more.

Finding the Light

I can remember that the idea of contemplation pulls at me; I strived for so many years of my teenagerdom to “find myself” and “soul-search”.

As someone who began meditation at 13; though I’ve never kept up a regular practise; I can get into that space easily and I know it benefits me.

I sat on the platform; knees in the sun as the blue skies, void of cloud, watched on. People walked past; awaiting the same train’; seemingly ignorant of the gentle rays that snuck under the platform’s awning.


Let the lighthouse find your way.

If I take the time to walk, to listen and to follow the light trails; I may blaze.

I believe that most trail-blazers had a guide of some form; be it a way of thinking, a belief or intuition.

In light,