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So, the flu has turned into a cold that just won’t leave. I’m taking another day off work.

Thus, I’ve spent a lot of time on the first 4 Bardic Gwersi of the OBOD course and equally as much time playing ragnarok online; getting my mage up to wizard, levelling my assassin cross, questing my thief up to rogue and killing Anubis with my priest. –nods- Oh, and making a homunculus once my merchant became an alchemist.


The Memory of the Library

However, I’ve also been reminiscing a little. Remembering.


I used to read so many books. I was a prolific reader and remember getting to Junior school at 7 and being told I could only read books with the orange stripe on the spine.

You WHAT? They’re books. If I CAN read them, why CAN’T I read them?


I read one book; which I still remember to this day [though now I search for it on Amazon, I can’t find it]: something like “The Pink Shoe”. About a girl who wanted these ballet shoes which were in the shop; then they weren’t – they’d been bought,. And she came home and cried and then her parents gave them to her, for they had bought them for her birthday. It had a yellow cover and probably 50 pages; 10 lines to a page. And I hated the story; but before I was “allowed” to read the “big kids books” I had to summarise the story to the teacher. Within the reading hour I’d finished it and they “didn’t believe me” so said to pick another book with an orange sticker.


If I could go back to that day and talk to my 7-year-old self; I would go to that teacher with Whale Adventure by Willard Price and get my young self to read it to the teacher because that series became my new best friend; as soon as I was free of that one book about the slippers (I appealed to a second teacher and was allowed run free among of all the books; including non-fiction).


To this day, I have more non-fiction books than novels; and even a range of books on books/authors [Oscar’s Books: A Journey through the Library of Oscar Wilde by Thomas Wright comes to mind].



However; aside from my love of reading and my novel-a-week which I read alongside nonfiction books [when I reached the scary adventure bits of the novel, I had books on Planets for “lighter” reading], I wasn’t what I’d consider “scholarary”.

My grades weren’t particularly high; except in specific subjects such as English and Algebra. I don’t even remember being curious as a child.


Yet, that intuitive nudge still happens. Based on my German aunt, my ease of learning Latin and my Irish grandfather; I began learning German and Irish language [though had to give up Latin due to a timetable clash at school]. I still get that urge to re-learn Latin and now have very basic British Sign Language skills.

I’m doing a Masters, I spent much of my teenage-life reading self-help books and trying to find my totems; to define myself.  seem to have had this lust for self-scholarship – to be a sage in myself, of myself. I began blogging, took psychology at A-level, began meditating and found Paganism.


Other Resources

Similarly, Pagan podcasts are wonderful things for me; I’m tempted to try book-tapes or the modern equivalent; except I have to be fully engaging to follow them, and sitting doing nothing is uncomfortable for me, unlike holding a book or scrolling the mouse.

So there is this inner sage; this will and desire to be able to speak a couple of languages at least mildly well, to get back on track with the amazing mathematical and linguistic ease I used to find, to devote more time to my MSc than I did my BSc, to be able to debate rather than argue and to get a PhD at some point before I die [for no reason other than to say I’ve done so (although having seen the stupid hat the PhD graduates wore at my graduation, maybe not). :P]


A Goals List

Traditionally this would consist of things like “Re-learn 50 words of Latin” or “use the dictionary.com’s word of the week twice in conversation or poetry”, but then I saw this picture in a post over at Sonja’s blog and got inspired.

So, in keeping with my iii/ii/i challenge, my scholarary to-do list based on this post looks like this:

And I’m aiming for 5/7 of those a day.  My new “5-a-day”, except called “Scholar-Seven” just so that I don’t forget to aim for all seven.


Are there any other “inner scholars” reading this? How do you nourish her/him? What could you bring back into your life?

In Light,