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One of my favourite months if for nothing else than no school, sunny days, wildlife and my birthday. Huzzah!

This monthly check-in practise is interesting; having gone from a list of seasonal foods, plans in my life and moon dates, to the 3/2/1 challenge to 4/3/2/1 to 4/3/2/1 + other things.

Strength is still in the picture though!


So, I’m re-structuring this amalgamation a little to see if things can be made clearer.

Last Month – July

So; I’ve finished my summer cleaning job [huzzah!], I’ve attended my first group Lughnasdh ritual (which was also my first grove ritual since becoming an official bard), and erm… oh yeah, I graduated. Hahaha shouldn’t really forget that so easily 😛
I also did some new volunteering things, finished a course in anger management and survived a week of camping inSomerset.

August – My Plans

This month I am doing less – I’m heading home after some goodbyes to friends and a training day; spending the next couple of weeks seeing my other half, celebrating my mum’s birthday, focusing on druid study and then my birthday. I’ll be focused on physical strength most, as the Wii and local walks are the best part about being home; though I hope to keep eating vaguely healthily [minus meals parents cook] and meditating a little.


iv. Finance: frugal-fifteen
It’s as good as the end of my 15 weeks now and minus mum’s present, I won’t be spending any more money. So, the final installation of my frugal-15 plan is here, although I’ll be starting the second phase in September; maintaining a budget based on my savings/earnings for the past few years.

Again, I’ve not kept an accurate eye on the last couple of weeks – so it’s a just a rough estimate. However, if I take my “weekly budget” from the amount I had in my saving account before these 15 weeks I can see that I’ve actually gained £300. Essentially, my loan was £1000, I’ve earned a total of £1200 and I know I spent around £900 on food, outings and £80 on a replacement Mp3 player.. so my overall spend looked a bit like:

Overall Spend for Summer-15: £1800

Final Earning Total: £1235.37

Based on my budget of [561 * 3] £1683, that’s a pretty epic. Most of the extra expenses came under graduation prizes for myself [clothes & books], Buddhafield festival, Mp3 player and Druidry study.

iii. Exercise; physical strength
Back to yoga on the Wii!! And walks around the local lake, hopefully. Also getting back to the exercises I mentioned in last week’s post.

Physiotherapy fell apart during Buddhafield [hard to lift your leg up for 30 seconds in a tent with someone else sharing the lilo you’re on] but I’m back on it – 4 days in again now. Shivanata is on the up, and stretches will be incorporated into dance and Wii yoga. I’m also looking at continuing bellydance when I return in September.

ii. Diet: energy/vitality
I’m working my way to waking at 8am again – currently waking at 8:45. Healthy eating has been alright for the final half of the month – my week of no vegetables or meat got me craving so ham, chicken, quorn, protein sausages, fruit and steamed vegetables were on my menu. I’ve done my final shop which included quorn, sausage rolls, fruit and tea – and I’ve been having fruit salads for lunch. This might stop at home with my parents but I am hoping to be able to suggest new meals for them to try so that I can keep my health up.

i. Meditation; spirit/strength of mind
The Meditation Dome at Buddhafield was a really big deal for me, despite only getting there once during the week. It was a reminder of what I miss and what I used to find time for.

Strengthening aspect for Month VII
July was all about capability and capacity.
For August, it’s back to my goals of body strength and vitality, amidst the aspects of poise and enchanting.


How are your goals shaping up this month?

In light,