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Catching up on blog reading is something I’ve not made time for recently. Writing blog posts is another. I want to get back to both this month.

The Meme

I discovered the 30 Days of Druidry Meme at Meadowsweet and Myrrh – Alison’s Druidric version of the 30 days to Paganism prompts that I used to plan to partake in. Others such as The Ditsy Druid and Themon are also sharing their responses on their blogs.

As I keep meaning to post about the beginning of my journey through the OBOD course material, I figure this would be a good starting point to introduce my core beliefs.

I won’t be posting daily because a) I don’t seem to be very good at daily posting at this point and b) I’ve specific events in the next 30 days that I know will stop me from concentrating on the blog – however I will eventually complete the 30 prompts and they will all be linked to from here.

So here goes; this is the list:-

30 Days of Druidry

  1. Why Druidry?
  2. Foundations: Cosmology
  3. Foundations: Nature and Earth
  4. Foundations: The Three Realms
  5. Foundations: The Elements
  6. Foundations: Altar, Grove and Nemeton
  7. Foundations: Day-to-Day Practice
  8. Relationships: Gods/Deities and Spirit
  9. Relationships: The Ancestors
  10. Relationships: Spirits of the Land
  11. Relationships: Ritual and Worship
  12. Relationships: The Fire Festivals
  13. Relationships: The Solar Festivals
  14. Relationships: Rites of Passage
  15. Inspirations: Awen and Creativity
  16. Inspirations: Prayer and Meditation
  17. Inspirations: Storytelling and Myth
  18. Inspirations: Music, Poetry and Aesthetics
  19. Inspirations: Ethics, Virtues and Values
  20. Inspirations: Divination and Magic
  21. Inspirations: Mysticism and Philosophy
  22. Everyday Life: Druidry and Family Life
  23. Everyday Life: Druidry and Romance
  24. Everyday Life: Druidry and Work/Career
  25. Everyday Life: Conservation and Environmentalism
  26. Everyday Life: Druidry and Community
  27. Everyday Life: Peace and Social Justice
  28. Everyday Life: A Life in the Day of a Druid
  29. The Future of Druidry
  30. Advice to the Seeker

If you want to take part, please leave a comment to let us know so we can read your thoughts in return ^_^

In Light,