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 This is the first post in the 30 days to Druidry series.

A couple of posts ago, I wrote about my experience of introduction and initiation into Paganism.  That explains how I came to be here.

The reasons for those choices are hard to sum up in a post. However, some I’ve already mentioned – that it feels right to be at Druid circles, that I continue to feel or sense something there for me. That it somehow became accessible so.. synchronistically.


I began my journey with two books; Inner Magic and A Woman’s Guide to the Earth Traditions. The latter of which, mentions Druidry in it’s proposed original form and contemporary practise. I read the book in 2004, and from it dove into Native American Systems.

However, the parallels are many and half of my beliefs and practises could also be named Druidcraft or Druidry.

I also remember taking the “what do druids believe?” from the OBOD website into college (in 2008) to read and highlight. I think I was surprised to find that I agreed with every point. One of the courses I was taking asked for each attendees details to see what kind of people were taking it, how we felt the course was structured etc. I put myself down as “Druid” for the first time; because my heart and logical mind knew that if I believed the beliefs; I’d already become one in terms of belief system.

I’ve always hugged trees, been drawn to forest, hills and water. I grew up sailing my grandparents boat and love nothing more than being out in the open ocean during a storm; the air sizzling with energy before the clarity of space.

There are three major aspects which let me know I’m on the right path for the me-of-now:

Belief & Action. I agree with the beliefs of Druidry. I practise Druidry.

Balance. Firstly, I love how the elements are applied to the land I know – land, sky and the sea which surrounds this sacred isle. I have all three elements and the three Druidic aspects. I really like how the grades are split into three:

* Bardic – I’ve always written poetry, sung, danced and painted. I’m a creative being who has always known it and kept the practise in some form or other.
* Ovate – I come from a background of Witchcraft – Tarot and Runes were a big aspect of my path, which fit well with the divination aspect of Druidry.
* Druid – Teaching is important. Learning is important. I have this desire to be a scholar and to teach or guide others.

Sensation. I feel something real in Druidry; that the church-goers never gave me. The church, like fields of nature, feels holy. The people however, never gave me any sense of reality. Even the priests didn’t have the kind of energy that the Druids give me.

Knowledge. Despite my dislike of History, I love learning about the history behind the practises, language and myths. I love the symbolism in each myth and each natural object; which can guide us to truths.

The Mixture. Some Druids believe in deity as an entity, others just call the land and sea names, others just use the names of Gods as a symbol; not believing in an actual God. The mixture provides thought-provoking questions, debates and general good, nourishing conversation where people actually share openly and listen in kind.

So; Why Druidry?

Because it’s right for me at this time. And seems to have been for over 7 years.

In light,

Comment Zen: this is my experience and my thoughts; I have nothing against other spiritual or religious beliefs; everything here is an account of my opinions. Let’s keep things respectful.