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 This is the second post in the 30 days to Druidry series.

As a Pagan, I’m stereotypically expected to love the sun and moon; the Sun especially if I’m a Druid and the Moon especially if I’m a Wiccan or a Witch.  When I was 13, I joined the Astronomy club at school.

I’m a star-gazer. A star lover. Nothing speaks to me in such a loud whisper as the stars.

When I look up at the stars on a clear night, I’m separate and one and infinite and finite. I’m a small part of a massive universe, and yet I am the universe.

The universe is alive, and I am not alone. Even connected in my separateness; Separate in my inter-connectedness.

The world began, by quantum physics of an energy; with or without a higher consciousness. The universe exists; be it born, exploded or imploded; a bang, bounce or ever-expanding arc.

I am the energy and the void, the world is both chasm and material.

I read the poetry in the stars, the tales of mythology and the signs of the seasons; and then I write the poetry of a conscious mind; of an energy-field with sensation.

I am the cosmos and it is me.

I am scientist, Druid, dancer, singer, writer, Bard, artist and quark compositions.
In light,

Comment Zen: this is my experience and my thoughts; I have nothing against other spiritual or religious beliefs; everything here is an account of my opinions. Let’s keep things respectful.