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 This is the third post in the 30 days to Druidry series.

The earth is where we stand, we crawl and we dance.

It is a stable foundation for us; for our body, for food and for our connections to one another. It contains the pools of reflection and the sky of our breath.


Nature is beauty, something we are within and without.

There is something wild about nature which calls to the wild within us; something alive about the plants which grow amidst others – within a forest of a nature system, which draws me in.

Nature is.. poise, beauty and peace.


The earth, this ball of water, gas and rock is one of many planets; a goldilocks sphere where life thrives. Earth is an element, something we’ve chosen to bring on board in our society and in our spirituality – seen as one of the four building blocks of existence.

While looking for the right words, I remember an interview with Stephen Fry, who mentions how Oscar Wilde blamed violence on our hideous wallpaper:

 All of Nature is unconditionally and absolutely beautiful… The only ugly things you will ever see are made by man.. Beauty is possible.

Beauty is possible Nature is beautiful.

That is my foundation for Druidic practise – I am Nature, I dance upon the earth; I am surrounded by wild beauty and I am aware of it’s crucial part on the building of existence.

In light,