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 This is the forth post in the 30 days to Druidry series.

Threes are a common phenomenon in spirituality – from the all signs comes in threes, snapping matchsticks for the third bad thing and the common break-up of religious Gods.
My associations:

Maiden, Mother, Crone

Bard, Ovate, Druid

Waxing, Full, Waning (Three observable moon phases)

Past, Present, Future

Lower, Middle and Upper worlds (Norse belief)

Mind, Body and Soul


In term of a common three of Druidry, I automatically think of the elements:

 Land, Sea, Sky

The trees of a forest speak. The rustling almost contains song and the creatures, so content to play amidst the branches or scrabble along the soil; the earth has always meant Home. Feeling at ease, running between trees and jumping over ditches; I’ve had a taste of wildness. When you leap over a fall tree; you can’t help but wonder if this is how deer feel.

 Earth is home.


I grew up around water. I took swimming lessons, my grandparents had a boat and I learnt to sail. I think it’s one of the best drinks, taste-wise. I could dive before I could swim, and I prefer being under rather than on.

I am a water-baby. Washing quietude over me and giving me poise.

 Water brings tranquillity.


The sky, full of stars which tell us we’re part of something bigger; of clouds which meld and move; showing us a journey of flow and faith. The messages of the future can be told from the wind, and signs of the Gods thought to travel from feathers.

 Sky brings sight.


In Light,