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 This is the fifth post in the 30 days to Druidry series.
Elements.. elemental aspects of life. How many are there and by what name should we refer to them?

As a Pagan and a Physicist, this is an interesting term.


Commonly we’re told of Four

Earth, Air, Fire, Water

Gnomes, Slyphs, Salamanders, Undines.

Other traditions see Five

Earth, Air, Fire, Water, Spirit

Earth, Wood, Metal, Fire, Water

Or possibly six fundamental blocks (Quarks):

Up, Down, Strange, Charm, Top, Bottom

Maybe there’s 12 (with the 6 Leptons):

Up, Down, Strange, Charm, Top, Bottom, Electron, Electron neutrino, Muon, Muon neutrino, Tau, Tau neutrino

Or 24 with their anti-particles

Anti-above-12 except for electron with is called a positron

Plus the four forces:

Strong, weak, electromagnetic,

Maybe the seven states of matter

Solid, Liquid, Gas, Plasma, Fermionic condensate, Bose-Einstein condensate


But the elements that make me –blood & water (fire & water); breath (air); flesh, bone & food (earth); mind & thought (spirit) are the five I choose to honour.


I am elemental

A Cosmic Field

Of the earth’s fundamental keys.


The fire of sight and warmth,

The water of taste, cool and cleanse,

The air of hearing, smell and mind

And the earthen foundation of touch.


Land, sea and sky

In form of energetic atoms

With a state of inner flame

Flesh, Blood and Breath.


I am a cosmic,

elemental being.


In Light,