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 This is the sixth post in the 30 days to Druidry series.

Firstly, I had to look up Nemeton, which for readers who also don’t know, essentially means a sacred space.

My sacred spaces have always been in forests and by water. They have been forests and water.


The Grove is something that I only associate with Druidry, a sacred space within a collection of trees; usually in a horse-shoe or circle of them.

Yet, do trees ever grow in neat arcs? Even planted groves lean and grow at odd angles.


I find the Sacred in the element of air; the cool wind upon my face, the earthen smell of the earth and in the sound of trickling water.

My Altar is an inside chest of drawers for the purpose of ease, yet all the tools I need are within my mind.

My Grove is within my mind; a safe space to retreat to, and a physical group of people I celebrate the Sabbats with. A joyous yet calming space on the inner and outer level.

And Nemeton is home; in a circle of stones, a church or in the forest near my house.

The sense of it comes through connection; not dissimilar to that pulse I feel looking up at the stars or celebrating the seasons with the other Druids.


I guess, for all purposes, my altar and sacred space are my mind and my Nemeton is connection to the trees, people and ideas.

In Light,