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It’s September!!! How did THAT happen?

I’m so overwhelmed with preparations for the new course and keeping old promises that this will be brief.. but here’s how Slinky Summer Vol. 2 is ending…

Last Month – August

Last month, a few key events took up my time:

* saying goodbye to friends
* moving home
* housemate suddenly decided to leave
* the money that should have automatically come out when I hit 21 didn’t, and it’s worth less than it should be
* my birthday!
* registering for Masters course/ filling in forms
* mum’s birthday
* applying for jobs/placements
* making plans for Shivanata/Reiki sessions
* preparing for Fresher’s week – I still run a society
* launching my new website; The Phoenix Mind

September – My Plans

This month, I’m catching up with friends and family from home, working on the new site, scheduling work/shivanata sessions, beginning my new volunteering role (same company, redefined job), attending druid and wiccan circles, reading, moving back to Brighton, looking for new paid jobs, tying up the ends of my old volunteering job and hopefully starting a new one.

In terms of the goals, I’m focused on exercise the most; body-weight exercises and walks. Meditation is my next focus; I’ve not meditated in too long and it’s really showing. Diet is iffy while I’m here, so I’m happy to get back to that once I’ve moved back toBrighton.


iv. Finance: frugal-fifteen
My frugal-15 challenge is over for the Summer, yet I’ll likely be putting something in it’s place as, due to complications with savings and interest rates, the money I should have to pay for my course and rent is going to fall short. Therefore, money is a key priority for this year.

iii. Exercise; physical strength
I’ve been doing at least 10 press-ups every 2-3 days, stretching and doing physio about as often. This month I’m walking to town, swinging, walking to the station and playing on the Wii. I’ve also got back to doing regular Shivanata. I think I’m going to put bellydance on hold due to the financial instability.

ii. Diet: energy/vitality
I’m working my way to waking at 8am again – currently waking at 8:45 most days. Food is somewhat out of my control until I return to Brighton, although I have actually made my own lunches at weekends; spinach pasta with fruit salad.

i. Meditation; spirit/strength of mind
I really need to get back to meditation. I do keep sitting on my bed and trying, but my mind just won’t relax.. I can let the thoughts pass; yet there’s no relaxation. It’s like I’m meditating while all tensed up. Not quite sure how to go about that yet, but it’s my next focus.

Strengthening aspect for Month IX
August was meant to be about poise… Which only kind of happened. For September, I’m returning to “capacity” in terms of rest. My focus is rejuvenation and rest and relaxation. Three Rs.

What is yours? What goals do you have?

In light,