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 This is the seventh post in the 30 days to Druidry series.



Every day is just a practise for the next.

There will always be more opportunities, other chances. Better-versed practises.

In terms of Druidry, this speaks to me as practising what you preach. Do I live each day as a Druid, practising Druidry?

I’d say so. As the fresh air seeps through my open windows, the rustle of leaves sounds and the smell of the damp earth rises; I feel still. I catch a bus, sit in a dingy lecture hall and write essays while eating junk food – yet in each day, I find the sacred. I light my candle, stop for ten seconds to hear the rain or give a quick prayer of thanks for a meal.

Daily practise need not be an elaborate ritual.

Find a space, and breathe it in. For ten seconds.

And then look for that each day.

In light,