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 This is the eighth post in the 30 days to Druidry series.


I’m going to cheat here, and direct you to a previous post where I feel I’ve covered my relationship for divinity. However, I will explain where I stand now in terms of beliefs; and then cover relationship in the link.


I believe in science, especially in biology and physics.

I believe that atoms have energy and that energy has consciousness.

The energy which makes up every atom of the universe; I believe can have a combined consciousness; a Field, as Lynne McTaggart would call it.

As every atom of my brain has a consciousness from the combined energy of cells; why can’t that tree have the same? 

Close people have the same thoughts; finish each others sentences, – their consciousnesses’ can connect.

So why not the conscious universe + conscious me?

That is Deity to me – a connection of energy communicating with a collection of energy.  Given a name and a face to make the communication easier.

The Relationship

Here it is; my journey with the Goddess Nyx and my fear of the dark. A post about my relationship with the divine.

What is your relationship like? How do you view deity?

In light,