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 This is the twelfth post in the 30 days to Druidry series.



The festivals of the sun

Imbolc, the coming of light.

Beltain, the passion of the earth, the fullness of fire.

Lughnasadh, the harvest of heat, the reflection of the suns rays, and reflection in our heart.

Samhain, the goodbye to the sun, to fire.

My first group ritual was Beltain 2009. I did my own rites on the Friday, and attended a Wiccan ritual on the Saturday. I danced around a Maypole for the first time ever.

I even played a man as so many women attended.

I then found the Druid grove on the Sunday.

That weekend, was my first taste of Fire.

In my heart,

You ignited passion

And your energy flowed through

The rays of sunlight

To my inner flame of potential.



My Views

At Imboc, I remember that this coming of light is celebrated in other religions and cultures; that candlemas and lupercalia, groundhog day, and so on; which celebrate the return of the sun. I lift my head in the cool morning and feel the rays on my face.

At Beltain, I frolic and feel that energy within me. I wake each morning with the zest of life and the sun outside my window.

As Lughnasadh reminds me to bring in the harvest and reflect on the year, I begin to plan for the next, and stock up for winter – I get out in the sun and feel the heat.

And then, as Samhain comes closer, I remember. I remember my grandmother, who died that day, many years before I was born.

Fire, is a passion within us all;

And we find that flame

Within the earth’s own cycles.

The fire festivals bring me to life.

They emblazon me, and here I stand,


In Light,