What? What do you mean it’s October? Gah.

I knew September felt long, yet I wasn’t quite ready for it to end.
So, what have I been doing to finalise September? Seeking, falling apart and drinking.

Sounds about accurate.



Last Month – September

So what did I do for Sepember:

* moved back to Brighton
* visited my other half and climbed a celtic hillfort
* found new housemate
* applied for new paid and unpaid jobs

* attended Masters course introductory stuff
* wrote a mini-ebook
* began the prep for new Skype Shivanata sessions
* attended Fresher’s week – creative meditation and buddhism society
* said goodbye to chucky, with pirate keyrings, fish and chips and whiskey
* got into the swing of my new website; The Phoenix Mind

October – My Plans

This month, I’m aiming to just keep my head above water.

I’ll be working on the new site, working, hopefully training and working volunteering placements, attending druid and wiccan meetings, reading, studying, and drinking tea.

In terms of the goals, I’m focused on exercise and finance the most. Meditation’s second and diet is third; mainly because my diet is making its own progress right now.


iv. Finance: frugal-fifteen
My frugal-15 challenge was an interesting space during the Summer. I’ve got a casual paid job on top of last year’s unstable jobs – neither of which are offering my work right now. I’ll be focusing this term on how much I’m managing to earn as a full time MSc student, form my unstable income sources.

In September I made a total of £22… and paid 1,600 tuition fees, 350 rent and 300 for a year’s bus pass.. >_>


iii. Exercise; physical strength
I’ve been doing at least 10 press-ups every 2-3 days, stretching and doing physio about as often. I’ve been for a walk three times in two weeks and hope to keep this up until the snow-temperatures hit. I mean, it was hotter here than it was in Hawaii last Wednesday.

My body is struggling – my knees are painful no matter what I do and my back, shoulders and neck keep seizing up. Trying to stretch a little more.


ii. Diet: energy/vitality
I’m working my way to waking at 8am again – currently waking at 8:10 most days. Food is.. expensive. I need to up my protein intake so meat and quorn are high on my shopping list. I’m reaching my 5-a-day without much problem, getting back into the routine of my daily iron tablet, and drinking fruit juice every couple of days.


i. Meditation; spirit/strength of mind
Meditation society begins today. Quite a few students have asked for an alternative day/time and I’ve offered to lead a separate session myself on day’s I’m in Uni in the hope I can establish a more regular practise.

I’ve also been doing Reiki every couple of days, which I believe still counts.


Strengthening aspect for Month X
September I focused on capacity. As autumn arrives, I’ll be finding quietude again; my favourite word and feeling.


What are your plans for the month?


In light,