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Well. That was a short October… I’ve posted so much >_> <_< Or not. 😛

Happy November All.
And a Blessed Pagan New Year.

Last Month – September

October was interesting for me. I got into my studies, found routine again and promptly met the resistance of meeting the death of the year.

Here’s what I got up to:

* finished one piece of coursework
* visited Stonehenge and Old Sarum with my other half
* had two interviews
* got offered both jobs, could only take one
* attended lectures and practicals for Uni
* began testing skype for shivanata purposes
* got ill
* had meditation
* caught up with a close friend
* published 12 blog posts over at The Phoenix Mind

November – My Plans

This month, I’m aiming to prepare for hibernation.

I’m scheduling blog posts, getting back into my Druid studies, hopefully begin my new volunteering position and there are a few other mental health things I’m attending [facilitating focus groups, consultations and speaking at mental health congress on Dec 1st] that need preparation.

In terms of the goals, Spirituality is now coming to the front. Diet and finance come joint second; with exercise last on my list.


iv. Finance: frugal-fifteen
On hold until I have some form of income…

In October I made a total of £19… and paid 115 on food/life and 350 rent. 

iii. Exercise; physical strength
Exercise has been low on my list though i’ve done a lot of walking up hills in order to see friends etc. However, I think I’ve been doing my Physio for over a month, every single day. *win* Considering I got the exercises.. this time last year; i’ve finally managed to do them every night for a month >_> . HUZZAH!

ii. Diet: energy/vitality
I wake at 8:15 every morning. I’m happy with that. Diet… well. I’ve had pizza two nights in a row and then last night had toast and gingerbread biscuits. >_> I’ve been eating a lot of meat lately and need to keep this up; but also eat some more fruit. The daily iron tablet is also not daily right now.

i. Meditation; spirit/strength of mind
This one’s interesting. I’ve been doing Reiki and having 30-second-bursts and mindfulness relatively often. I missed last week’s meditation due to feeling ill but I’ll be leading a session in.. an hour and a half. I also did a ritual this morning for my OBOD initiation ^_^ which always connects me back to spirit.

Strengthening aspect for Month XI
October I was meant to focus on quietude. I guess I managed that by becoming a hermit and being ill but.. it wasn’t QUITE the plan. For November, I want to be preparing, gathering and turning inward. I’m foraging before the Winter.

What are your plans for the month?

In light,