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Well, it’s December and someone forgot to tell me…

I’m home from university, though this holiday is broken up a bit, and I’ve completely failed to keep you updated.

Last Month – November

So what did I do for November:

* applied for a Doctorate course at 4 institutions
* attended another interview

* got accepted to 3 placements

* turned 1 down

* began training for 1 (start in January EEEEE!!!)

* attended a steering group meeting, two focus groups and began helping out at another Anger Management course
* got my old job back/ renewed

* attended Masters course classes

* had dinner with friends twice

* submitted 3 pieces of work for University
* extended the mini-ebook

* created a worksheet
* began new Skype Shivanata sessions
* ran the meditation society
* attended Witchfest International
* got so wrapped up with my other website; The Phoenix Mind

December – Current Activities and My Final Plans

This is the final month of 2011, so I’ll be putting up a post about my word of the year; Strength in a separate post. This month really is all about tying up loose ends and making sure I’m prepared for January and the new year.

My final training with Mind is this Saturday, I’ve begun my essays and I’ve nearly finished reading my book (I’ve read half as many books as I usually do!! Just 11 instead of 25 (or the 26 I read in 6 months of 2010!).

I’m focusing on The Phoenix Mind throughout this year of my degree, but I will be updating hopefully at least twice a month here, because I really want to keep my spirituality and reading as strong focuses in 2012.

Tomorrow I’m heading back to Brighton to see a friend fromAustralia. She’s staying until Tuesday, so I’m going to my training on Saturday morning, then to the Right Here Ice Skating Social on Monday. I arrive home Tuesday evening in order to prepare for the Yule Party we’re holding for my other half and his family. Otherwise, Christmas should be quiet this year.

This month, exercise is the main goal.


iv. Finance: frugal-fifteen
Still on hold; although I made £15 again this month and have a garenteed day of work (£50) in January, to help with the outgoing £1,551.50 of tuition fees and £321 rent… >_>


iii. Exercise; physical strength
I managed to keep up my physiotherapy for two months, but have dropped it for the last two weeks. Back on that and re-introduced myself to the wii fit yesterday – with some lunges, push ups and triceps extensions.

ii. Diet: energy/vitality
I’m working my way to waking at 8am again – been waking at 10-11am, but this morning got up at 8:25 and will be getting up at 8:15 tomorrow to catch the train toBrighton. My protein is high, and I’m taking my iron tablet regularly again.

i. Meditation; spirit/strength of mind
Right now, I’m actually happy to led meditation fall to the side. I have so many goals right now and I’ve begun to feel the emotions within my body as a general practise, and don’t feel that I need it as much at this point.

Strengthening aspect for Month XII
For November I focused on quietude. This month requires more integration; into society as a friendly person and into myself with the knowledge and the skills I’ve been learning in my training.

What are your plans for the month?

In light,