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As my word for 2012, connect, has four parts, I figured that gives me three specific goals for each; leading to twelve goals (either for the 12 in 2012, or for one a month).

In short, I want to connect in terms of physical space (room, body, land), legacy (habits, labels, potential), compassion (emotions, actions, biases) and practise (paganism/spirit, knowledge, energy).

As it turns out, there are thirteen; just as there are thirteen moons a year. I can handle that. I tried to put them into four groups, with three in each, but there were so many overlaps, I gave up. Here are my thirteen; together with the categories they come under.


–          Release unnecessary items: until I feel clean and fresh – feel free to move, to grow (Space, Legacy)

–          Read 26 books this year (Legacy, Practise)

–          Create a sacred space; to meditate, to place items, to practise ritual (Space, Legacy, Practise)

–          Try to connect with my families values/heritage (Legacy, Compassion)

–          Labels I want to have/gift myself with (Legacy, Practise, Compassion)

–          Learning and trying new things to prepare myself for my future (Legacy, Practise)

–          Supportive Systems for Anger, Worry, Guilt and free myself from this constant Fear (Compassion, Practise)

–          Explore my feelings of hatred, nonviolence and the role of the peacemaker (Compassion, Practise, Legacy)

–          Investigate my habit of complaining, speaking out of turn and my fear of silence (Legacy, Compassion)

–          Practise Paganism more often – prayer, meditation, ritual and OBOD study (Practise, Legacy, Space, Spirit)

–          Re-connect with that love of energy; reading about it and sensing it, e.g. Reiki (Compassion, Practise, Legacy, Space)

–          Discover my true feelings about the food and drink I’ve been consuming this year – the high level of processed meals, of alcohol and of snacks. (Space, Practise)

–          Get outside at least once a fortnight – connect to the land and meditate there, within my grove (Space, Spirit, Land, Practise)


I haven’t yet set myself time-frames, assigned months or moons to them; nor decided on how to go about all of them yet, but that will come in time.

Have a fantastic new year, good luck with your plans and I’ll see you on the other side.

In Light,