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 This is the fifteenth post in the 30 days to Druidry series.

We’ve finished the Foundations and Relationships prompts and are now meeting Inspirations.


Awen. A term I’d never heard before the 3rd of May 2009.

A term I first heard at the Long Man, with a Scottish Druid standing beside me, singing the Welsh word with around a hundred others.

Yet, it’s not simply a word used in ritual. Awen means “divine flow, inspiration” and is used to contact high power in ritual and in creative pursuits. As an artist works, she is connecting to Awen, as a poet speaks, he is invoking Awen.


I found poetry in 2005, and reached a point of writing more than 4 poems a day. I’ve over 500 poems written, four of which are in anthologies. I’ve now moved to stories; to novels – and of course, my two blogs. Although the content has shifted, the feeling I get when I’m writing hasn’t changed much; and that too, is Awen.


Creativity is an interesting one – I can think of jokes and creative messages, I draw and I used to paint – yet I’d say my most creative moments now are not writing novels, singing or painting, but in how I manage my time, how I move through the world.

Living Spirit

Creativity is not just a pen on paper, it’s how you move, do you dance or do you walk?  Are you a creative being? If someone blocked your path, would you not think of all the other routes to get round it? If someone threatened to harm you, would your mind not give you the words to calm the storm or disarm them?


Awen and Creativity are not two words that are only for bards; they’re for dancers, singers, writers, artists, post-women and businessmen… Humans are creative and we can all connect to Awen.


In light,