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It’s January. Last year, I did a 3/2/1 recap. This year, I’ll be doing a similar thing at the end of the month with my outcomes for month 1 and the plans for month 2.

For this first month though, I’ll be talking a little more about my four focus attributes: space, legacy, emotion and practise.


I. Connecting to Space

Practical goals such as budgeting, exercise, healthy food, exploring minimalism, keeping space for spirituality and sleep are interesting in terms of a student who straddles two bedrooms but no external house-space.


The Goal of Space

Connecting to Space is a major goal of mine this year, and covers my bedroom/living space, getting outside to explore the land and my bodily space; what I feed it, how I treat it and how I sleep.
My bedroom in my parents house is my only “me-space” – the only space which has my belongings in it. I think the cabinet in the living room has a statue I made when I was 3 and a porcelain doll which I wasn’t trusted to keep safe as a young child; but all my living items are upstairs; in this medium-sized room.
At university, it’s a similar story – one room holds a study, exercise space, ritual space and a bedroom, all encompassed within a room smaller than my home bedroom.

No wonder I can’t get rid of half the stuff… a lot of it would live in a living room if I had one.


So this year, I want to streamline, to minimalise, to find the right amount of stuff that will keep me happy but make my rooms pleasant and easy to find things in.


Again, being a student, I have a load of crap I won’t need once I’ve graduated (unless I get into the PhD in which case it’ll all be bundled up once more and taken to a new tiny study/bedroom –sigh–), but can’t yet part with as I’m still using it.

However, I’m looking at getting rid of the junk freebies from first year and clearing the floor space around my desk so that the carpet is clear and usable again (I like to dance and do exercise; both of which have caused injury as I’ve trod on a plug or broken something underfoot).


Sacred Space

This process should then leave me a space to sit and meditate, a space to place candles and incense, and a space to just keep clear to make the room feel spacious. I can put down soft cushions or just put images on that part of wall and sit/lie beside it.


I’d like to set up a proper altar I can use for my pagan practise. And then use it regularly.


Outer Space

I’m a Pagan who dreamt of being a wildlife camerawoman, who painted landscapes each time the school holidays arrived and who wants to work with birds of prey…

And I know nothing about this land; the plants which grow here, the animals which live here and the history of the areas.


I want to connect with the trees, to climb the hills and photograph the flowers. Once a fortnight will be my beginning goal; spend 30 minutes each two weeks outside, dedicating space to the outdoors.


Bodily Space

Then we have my body; where food and exercise come in. I want to keep my brain going with knowledge and my mind healthy in terms of well-being; and then eat fresh foods and get the right amount of sleep and exercise. That alone can be a massive job, let alone as part of four separate foci this year.

I want to cut down on the processed foods; on chocolate and crisps, instead turning to healthier alternatives and getting my body used to gaps between meals. I want to get a good exercise routine going, and to keep my sleep and brain as healthy and effective as possible.

If you’ve been following my blog for long, you’ll know I’m both a fussy eater, and terrified of weight loss. I want to have energy and be healthy, but I mustn’t lose ANY weight as I’m still technically “underweight” according to the BMI measures and despite eating well over 2500 calories a day in chocolate, potatoes, marzipan, nuts and actual meals.

However, I am going to try and shift my unhealthy eating habits; but do so with a vigilant eye on the scales (once a fortnight).  I’ll be making pasta salad and ham or marmite sandwhiches for lunches, re-heating rice (zomg, no!) and taking my own flasks of green tea into University.


So I’m starting with some little rules to guide my new year in terms of food:

–          Protein every day, three forms a week (three types of meat or one meat, quorn & vegetable protein).

–          Potatoes!!! At least once a week on average!

–          Pasta more than pizza

–          No more than £20 a week on general upkeep (two big shops a term will go over this)

–          Use up that crap in the cupboards!!!

–          Make own puddings for “sweet treats”

–          butter + basil on sweetcorn, toast or potatoes as a “savoury snack”

–          dried banana, canned peach slices, tinned pineapple and sultanas in everything (cereal, snacks, puddings, lunch?)


This of course stretches to other bodily actions though, such as for exercise:

–          daily physio

–          daily stretches

–          daily arm exercises

–          twice weekly shivanata

–          weekly dance

–          fortnightly walks in nature


Then in terms of sleep; get to bed by 10:30pm and TV off by 11:45pm. I have a 9am start on Thursdays this term; while my earliest was 11am last year; so those times may alter slightly as I’ll be waking at 7am.


Finally, I have a few brain exercises to keep myself in the scholar mindset, to ensure a continued flow of neuronal messengers (the more you use, to more produced) and of course, so I can learn as much as possible this year:

–          mentally add up products around supermarket

–          read a book a fortnight

–          Shivanata every 2-3 days

–          colour code lecture notes

–          watch 3 educational/informational programs a week

–          study OBOD gwersi weekly (even if only one page a week)


So those are my goals in terms of space. Next time I’ll cover the aspect of Legacy and what heritage means to me this year.

In light,