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Time for the weekly update on Dianne Sylvan’s Becoming a Spiritual Nomad Course, and it’s week two of six! If you missed last week’s update, click here.

Last week I stripped my altar and began a new breath practise. This week it’s an inspiration board and an altar ritual.

Guru Board

I like the idea of a guru board. Of images and words which inspire me. Yet, as I sat down to do it, I felt a block. Right now, it doesn’t feel right.

However, back in 2010 I made an “influence map” and most of the items mentioned are sacred to me, or inspire me, so I’m just going to re-share it here:

Click the image or click here to find out what each section means to me.

The Altar Ritual

We were to choose three items to go back on the altar. I chose the butterfly, my incense and my dragon. Today though, I also brought my oil burner out, so maybe I can count “oil and incense burners” as one item.

I haven’t done the breathing devotional ritual as our assignment suggested, but I have been doing the three breath exercise from Druidry, and reciting the Druids prayer with a candle lit, which I’m counting as a ritual. I’d like to elongate it to the ten minutes as suggested, so maybe I’ll add that to next week’s homework.

Contemplation Questions

1. Missing due to personal answer ^_^

2. I generally meditate in different spaces and my altar is kind of ever-changing in itself; so to put different objects on didn’t feel that different to me. I did miss my oil burner, so brought that back in, and I put up a new quotation above it where before I’d just had space. I prefer having words to focus on rather than objects.

3. 30 Words or Less: “I’m a Druid Pagan with Norse, Buddhist and Native American influences. Specifically I’m a Bard-in-training.” I’d never put the term Wiccan in, but based on my more “witchy” practises I guess I get a lot of the practical words/actions from Wicca too.  I’d love to be the Church of the Black Forest Gateaux though… Maybe I should work on that =P

4. Art and illogical words are a major “non-inspiration” for me, which a lot of people seem to get inspiration from. I’d much rather look at a blade of grass than the Mona Lisa (although don’t get me wrong, I do love some art), and there are so many phrases from the philosophers, scientists, religious speakers… that just.. they don’t make sense! And yet people quote them and base spiritual practises on them. That’s great if it works for you. But don’t expect me to feel the same way about them because all my mind is saying is “Well, that’s bollocks, and you need another noun in that fragment to make it a real sentence”. It’s got to be logical; even if it’s a fantasy comment, it needs to meet that parameters of belief in which it is set.  Oops. /rant.  😛
In love and light,