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Time for the weekly update on Dianne Sylvan’s Becoming a Spiritual Nomad Course, and it’s week three! If you missed last week’s update, click here.

I’ve left my altar with it’s four components: incense, oil burner, dragon and butterfly. This week I read the module on prayer and we were assigned to begin a journey book.

My Thoughts on Prayer
I like prayer. I remember sitting in assemblies at school fitting as many Goddess Chants into the “Our Father” as would fit nicely. The rhythms matched, so this became my ritual; twice a week I’d sit and chant, focusing on the same intentions as the rest of the room; the recent hurricane inAmerica or an earthquake in some place I’d not heard of. I focused on the fact that humans were hurting, and that I’d been taught prayer would help them.

I didn’t realise before reading this module that I used mudras. I’d also never thought of half of the suggestions to be forms of prayer before. Knowing that half of things I do are already forms of prayer made me feel good about myself. I am doing things that connect me with the divine force. I’m a “good pagan” as my mind termed it.

The Journey Book
I’ve had three main books throughout my spiritual journey. I made a cardboard book with scraps of paper cut and held in place by selotape and elastic bands when I was 13. (Will have to find it and take a picture when I go home in 3 weeks).

I then had this purple A5 soft-cover book to write associations, rune meanings, dreams and poetry in; which still has the three feathers I used in my first “spell”. Then I got a plain black and red A5 book which I put butterfly stickers on (see my altar picture for images of these). This book became a more formal associations list; with my own personal morning and evening devotions, my quarter calls and a list of each date I fasted for “spiritual reasons”. This was partly linked to my ED, but I didn’t know I had one back then.

I keep my ritual notes ona  compute document, mainly because I can attach photographs and links to people’s websites to say “did X ritual (see link) with Y form (ys blog link). “Did animal oracle, got this card, means (link to webpage) and so on.

Then, I have my druid studies book. It’s a lovely Edgar Allen Poe (check outEureka: a prose poem <3) book which has a pocket at the back for feathers, leaves and even the business cards of fellow druids. This is more of a journal as I follow the OBOD Bardic Grade course; but I intend to write out all the group druid ceremonies I’ve experienced at the back of the book (from the notes I made on my word document).

Finally, I have this set of blog posts, which are currently the only journaling I’ve done for the course, minus the odd private note on the course facebook page.

Having said that, I also have a tiny book of positive quotes I wrote from various sources. I used to take everywhere with me. Might have to get back into that.

The final action for this week was to under-take some reading in our prayer space. I’ve not done this, but it is a part of my Druid studies framework to sit with the words of the Eisteddfod.


Contemplation Questions

1. As a child, I only learnt the Lord’s Prayer and the Hail Mary’s. I remember most of it. More-so, I remember reading in a book called Inner Magic that witches were believed to not be able to say the Lord’s Prayer without choking.

I like that it’s gratiudinal? Er.. about gratefulness 😛 I don’t like the lack of true meaning, and the differing words to something that’s meant to be the same for everyone.

I prefer to make my prayers up; form my heart.  When reciting a prayer someone else has written, with other people, I want them all the recite the same thing. It’s “forgive us our trespasses”, not “sins”. Grr.

2. I have a few of Dianne Sylvan’s book quotes in my aforementioned books; but they’re not obviously spiritual. The ones from The Body Sacred about dealing with stress by talking about Hello Kitty pants and swallowing bananas whole helped me find humour in trauma; so I guess that counts as spiritual?

3. I’m away from most of these books as I’m at University right now, but I plan to go through them when I return home.

4. See above. I’ll do this one once I’m home with my books.

In light,