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Psst. This is a review, thus most of the links are affiliate ones. You don’t pay more for the products, but I get appreciation monies to help support my business. If this isn’t for you, that’s totally fine.


A year ago, I began a journey into the world of business. I joined Leonie’s Goddess Circle (which I intend to properly review at some point as it’s amazing!) and began the Business Goddess Course.

Within a month I had a 2-hour lesson plan for a teaching venture, passive income streams that earned me over £100 for doing perhaps two hours of work across the nine months, and decided I had a real-enough business to make some business cards.

The Review

What: Become a Business Goddess eCourseBusiness Goddess Course

Used For: 12 months at time of writing

Price: 72$

Rating: 5/5

The Basics:

–          How to be a Business Goddess eBook

–          Money-making Kit

–          Business Goddess profiles / Business Advisors

Which Includes:

–          Leonie’s real-life experience

–          Business planning worksheets

–          A section on the Practical Side

–          Staying sane while running a business

–          Finding the balance between work-income-joy

–          How to get more people and increase sales

–          Pricing and Marketing

–          Contacting people (social networks, email lists and guest blogging)

–          Avoiding Burn-Out

Why Take The Course?

My mission is all about getting you to a point where you are able to support yourself. That includes on a monetary level. While trying to find this myself, I took the Business Goddess Course.

The whole course focuses on building a business doing something you love, that’s in line with your dreams. Leonie writes in such a friendly, down-to-earth way.

I chose not to print it, but to read it on my phone between lectures so that I could plan my new ideas on the bus home or in free moments around university.

Key Points

– I enjoyed the first lesson, which was all about Leonie’s journey and about having faith, balancing work-your dream and about having time to find your path. For me, that’s was the best beginning to an e-course I’ve ever read. A very good set of points to know before you embark on a shift like changing your business.

– There are images of her early website and each stage of her business journey; which is great to make the story real and encourage you to believe that she began in a similar place to you.

– I found it easy to relate; her idea of having a part-time job to pay the rent while spending free time creating matches my own pattern of having university assignments, a casual paid job, affiliate links on my site and then writing my novel in the free time between. The suggestions are useful and do-able.

– Unlike other business courses I’ve seen, each page has a supportive aspect to it; with comments about following your intuition, just doing what you can now and being kind to yourself.

I even took a three month stint doing financial reporting (yuck!) because I wanted to see just how far I could spread the glitter into the belly of the public service dinosaur. My findings? People everywhere are open to love and joy and having fun. They just need someone to start it.

– The information is so well-explained. I remember when I first saw the “hey, try X method” I thought “well.. yeah I had thought of that”… but having the step-by-step process outlined, the possible slip-ups warned about and some good advice for getting round obstacles was priceless.

– The guide was so easy to dip in to or read as a full book. I still dip into it when I’m creating new ideas or having a stress over money or how I’m spending my time. If nothing else, reading that someone else went gently form a full time office job to being a full-time goddess at home, and even managed to have a child and let her husband stay home to be a family – that’s worth gold when I’m struggling to see past a current block.

– It also covers both sides of the coin; there are sections for you to become an affiliate of products you love, but also information on setting up an affiliate program for you to give your supporters money in return for sales. The guide doesn’t just make you money, it guides you to running a full business.

She also expands on her suggestions by having a joint venture with a unicorn. It’s awesome and surprisingly helpful as an example.

My Success Story

I went into this course expecting to maybe make an e-book. I came out with an in-person 2-hour class planned for, three consistent customers, two e-books and a mailing list. From those, I’ve now begun running skype sessions of shivanata and got two possible joint ventures in the works.

I also got support for my idea of having a casual paid job on campus and keeping my studies in the fore-front. Without taking this course, I’d have still been writing that single e-book that I wasn’t very passionate about.

And a final note; I had earned a new income that covered the cost of this course within two months of beginning it, including the month I took to plan, create and start the business.

So if the money puts you off, just remember that you’re taking the course to increase your joy, your peace and your money.

The Links

Want to find out more? Click on through to the Business Goddess E-course page.

Also, check out the Goddess Circle I mentioned earlier, which is just $20 more but gives you access to all her meditations, courses, e-books and the forum where I first brainstormed the idea for my Shivanata sessions.

In fact, if you want to support my business by using my affiliate links, please click over to Leonie’s Shop with this handy link.

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