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It’s June 5th. Eight years ago I sat in my parent’s house; with a candle and some water. Within a circle of flowers I chanted my first words as a dedicated Pagan. My attention was on Artemis, Nyx and Scathach. My understanding not yet formed; but my belief strong in this female form I’d come to know through prayer.

The 4th of June marks the anniversary of my dedication, and this begins my ninth year on the Pagan path. I’ve gone from a struggling child, praying for help to a self-initiated Bard on the path of the Druid. I take part in group ritual alongside my personal practise, and I study the myth and literature alongside these practical aspects.

I welcomed the Goddess into my life, and pledged to serve her. As the years moved forward; I’ve found a place for the God too; and this year I finally completed my goal of celebrating all 8 Sabbats.

Following the Spiritual Nomad course, I now have my own wheel of celebration to follow, and expect to let it shift as my life moves around it.


This year I’ve come to realise that spiritual practise isn’t “right”.

Instead, it’s “right now”.