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Technically, I’m working on the sixth novel story-line.

However, in terms of what I intend to actually use in some form as novels, it’s the forth proper novel. And it’s my first proper sequel; as a re-write turned into the Main Character’s daughter’s story; but didn’t actually resemble the first world or set-up.

I’ve had a few questions about my writing process (it differs for every writer) and so I thought I’d make a quick resources list:


My In-Progress Novels: (ignoring the rubbish ones)

Seven Sisters (Summer 2010 but  used as NaNo 10 as did 50k in 30 days) – Finished at 90k and might eventually make into something ~ proper epic though with millions of characters and storylines.

Resilience (in progress and enjoying)

Wings of Skell – just finished, though finding new backstory that needs to be written

WoS Sequel – planning for NaNo 12


Helpful Books

*** represents the ones I use a lot or used a lot when I first began ***

Write Great Fiction series

** ~ Plot and Structure – James Scott Bell

~ Revision and Self-Editing – James Scott Bell

~ Characters, Emotion and Viewpoint – Nancy Kress


Elements of Fiction Writing series

** ~ Beginnings, Middles and Ends – Nancy Kress


** Hooked ~ Les Edgerton

** On Writing ~ Stephen King

** Write a Novel and Get it Published ~ Nigel Watts

No plot? No problem! ~ Chris Baty

How Not to Write a Novel ~ Sandra Newman and Howard Mittelmark

Writers on Writing ~ James Roberts, Barry Mitchell and Roger Zubrinich

** Wannabe a Writer? ~ Jane Wenham-Jones

The Creative Writing Coursebook ~ Julia Bell and Paul Magrs

** Creative Novel Writing ~ Roselle Angwin

Self-Editing for Fiction Writers ~ Renni Browne and Dave King


And of course novels and non-fiction books too =)



Over the last three years, I’ve tried a lot of different software. This is a brief list of my “must-haves”:

XMind ~  a mapping software which I’m beginning to use just to keep character notes clear. There are X clan and Y clan – members of X, complete with eye colour, hair, power, dress sense and relationships. All colour-coded and printable.

** Scrivener ~ best thing I’ve ever bought for novelling. I don’t even use it to write the novel in. But to plan out the plot on the corkboard and to order things, to have character notes and having everything I’ve ever deleted in a nice “trash” folder in case I want it again.. ❤

Microsoft Word 2003 ~ In 2010, I had to write a lot on my mum’s PC as my laptop broke. She had Word 2007, which despite the plus of a wordcount at the bottom of the screen, made it all more complicated. Plus, my wordcount for just finished novel bits required highlighting and clicking anyway, so I don’t mind clicking tools, wordcount. I grew up with Windows 3.1 and the closest I can be to 1998, the happier I am.

Evernote ~ this is a relatively new finding for me. In terms of a to-do list and notes from webpages in one place, it’s fab.

But having it on my mobile phone and just needing to open it with the wifi on to transfer hundreds of words or notes or pictures and voice clips to my pc… ❤

I’ve also been playing with the android app “writer”, but evernote fills the same purpose for me.



My history with nano is a positive one. I completed my first go in 2009. In summer 2010 I did my own 50k in 30 days; keeping track of each day’s wordcount. In NaNo 10, I copied and pasted the numbers from my summer run. I use the forums all year round, particualrly for editing between december and october. For NaNo 11, I panicked near the end and used all the “allowable” cheats.

This year, I’ll be writing the sequel to Wings of Skell; which I finished the first set of drafts for exactly 8 days ago. I’m planning a lot, and making as much progress as possible before it starts; using as few hand-written notes as possible. This is partly because I will most-likely be moving house during November and starting a new job. If I can keep it all on USB sticks, my laptop and my phone; it’s just going to be simpler.


It’s my first sequel, and I’m under the pressure of three “wins” not to lose this year.


Wish me Luck.


In light,