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It’s November 20th. That’s 2/3rds through the 30 days of November.

I’m now at 60,740 words, and the evening isn’t over yet. If I write 2,500 words a day (including another 2000 on top of what I’ve already done today) I’ll finish the book by the end of the month.

But it’s not gone quite so smoothly as I’d hoped. Of those 20 days, I’ve hated my novel for 7 of them. In terms of something being “loved”, two-thirds isn’t really good enough for me.

But today, I’ve clawed my way back out, having written a minimum of 2000 words no matter what, because to reach my goal, I really need to hit 2,500 a day from now. So I wrote 2k a day, of bits I hated, or padding out descriptions in prior scenes. Now I’m finally back on the trail. It’s still not very easy, but I’m connecting with so many other writers – on the forum, via twitter, using tags and labels and blogs… and today I wrote a scene I loved.

And that’s worth every struggle.