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My writing buddy Cheyenne over at Insane and Uncontrolled finally got me over the hurdle of not wanting to edit my novel known as Wings of Skell. She then put up a progress counter on her blog.

I realised that I talk a lot about my novels, and that I generally use acronyms and “fifth novel” or “third draft of X, known as Y” to talk about them, so figured it might be time to actually write down my entire attempting-to-write-novels history here.

** EDIT: I now have a whole website dedicated to my writing: However, I’ll leave this post as it was, in case you just want a rough guide. * * 

If this is all new to you, click here to find out how I got started with it all.

The links on some of the novel titles will take you to a post about the synopsis and updates on that piece. I didn’t bother with the not-current ones as even I don’t know what they’re about.

The Writing

[Please not that titles are working and will likely change if I ever get published, even if I choose self-publishing]

Old Works (never plan to look at again):
November 2009: Variations of Light – 50,138 (FIN)
Summer 2010: Seven Sisters – 91,350 (FIN)
November 2011: Firefly – 50,131 (GAVE UP)
Silver – 40,919 (as of day 22) (RE-WROTE AS Wings Of Skell)

On Hold (will take years to make decent):
Seven Sisters Sequel/Rewrite/Edit/THING – 55,347 rewritten

Completed First Drafts:
Wings Of Skell (Silver re-write, known as WOS) – 79,237 (FIN and SUBMITTED SEPT12 to HarperCollins. Rejected.)
Flight of Skell (Wings Of Skell Sequel known as FOS) – 80,052 (FIN NOV12)

Currently Writing:
Resilience – 11,558 [on hold]

The Mists of Shade – 11,281 (Began 7March13)

Currently Being Edited:
– PS (Wings Of Skell re-write) – 93,595 (EDITING AND RE-WRITING as of February13)

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