Last week, I posted about how the goals for 2013 fell apart, alongside my eating, sleeping and crying habits. Yesterday I posted about my word of the year, settle. So I made some simpler, brief goals for 2014, named my “one to four” of fourteen.

Today I wanted to go into those in a little more detail; with specific outcomes and measurable stuff.

1 . De-cluttering ~ Remove items and minimise bringing new ones into my life.

This is one I set every year – but this time it has to be serious. I have seven months to halve my belongings as I’ll be moving.

Essentially, I want remove: clothing I don’t wear, trinkets I don’t enjoy/use, appliances I don’t use. I want to be able to pack up my flat in a whole day if need be. That should allow me to move in with O.H. even though he’s already cluttered up his place.

2 . Spirit ~ Chat to the Gods.

I want to show gratitude, to seek guidance more spontaneously, and to be connected with spirit again. This will be a kind of feeling, rather than a measurable goal with a deadline.

2 . Spirit ~ Complete more of OBOD.

I’d like to get at least six more Gwersi completed in 2014.

2 . Spirit ~ Meditate where possible.

A thirty second burst of mindfulness, or a minute of grove visualisation would count. Once a week.

3 . Routine ~ Wake at 7am each morning. No later than 8am on weekends, at least when living alone.

That’s pretty explanatory.

The exceptions are – I’m out very late the night before / that night, or am ill, or I’m with O.H.

4 . Writing ~ Meet writing goals for 2014.

I have specific deadlines for these, so just “to meet those deadlines” would be good.

4 . Writing ~ Continue to strive for the annual “Read 26 books” challenge.

I’m currently at 21 out of 26. In 2012, I only finished 21. In 2011, I only managed 12. So it’s all kind of close.

And then for 2014, maybe I’ll even reach 26. I will at least be able to count my own novel as one, too, as by then I’ll have read a full draft all the way through.

How have you broken down your goals for 2014?