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 This is the sixteenth post in the 30 days to Druidry series.

I began meditating in the Summer of 2004. I found Paganism in May/June I remember spending the summer holiday nights cross-legged on my bed, either feeling the buzz of my skin, seeing colours in front of me, or feeling for the ground with an invisible root

I discovered this energy I’d never been told about, and found myself able to cope with the suffering of my daily life. I could come home and close my eyes and see the forest with its lake, and a wolf stood beside it. I could hike that imaginary forest and find the cubs. I could visualise the colours of my aura and change them at will.

My imagination had needed a release before I learnt to paint and write; and meditation was my space.

Prayer was a more painful space for me to be within. During a tough space in my life, I prayed to the Christian God, and got no response. Once I found Paganism, I found that my prayers were answered, but in a different way. After some answers, I began to use prayers to give thanks. I began to sit on the floor of my room and have conversations with the Gods.

These days I don’t really pray much, but I have this awareness of a presence. I meditate and I have a space of quiet a couple of times a week should I need to hear something. I also give thanks on a weekly basis, which is more let out to the earth and air; but if a deity wishes to hear them, that’s fine too.

In my opinion, meditation is my space and prayer is the God’s space.

In light,