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I declare today a no-leaving-the-house-day!  /except to take the bins out because it will make me feel better/

And I’ve decided to make my bedroom into a playground/lighthouse/cottage.


As an only child who traditionally “doesn’t like people”, having to watch everything I do and say for over 50 hours this week, then talk to housemates and attend my course Thursday and so on, I’m shattered.


Today is a day of Introvert Recovery while Connecting with Friends.

And I’m yelling “SILENT RETREAT!

I’m adding a beat to everything I do [paws! *makes puppy hands!*]. Well, -pawses-, trying to experiment with doing so.


The Plans

So, it’s a Monday. I’m working Tues-Friday, Monday, then Tues-Sunday is a festival where I’m working. Today is a time for respecting my capacity. With incense.


As part of Introvert Recovery, I’m singing and finding pockets of silence. I’m also meeting Sacred Intentions; reflecting on the past 6 months and the next 6. So, here’s the programme for the day:


-tidy room as it makes me feel ick to look at right now 😛

-listen to shivanaut snack call

-read OBOD bardic gwersi

-read some books

-read psychologies magazines



-talk to my best friends on skype ❤

-batch cook healthy food for tomorrow night


Are you getting enough space and time? How could you take an hour of retreat this week?


In Light,